Carol’s Intermittent Musings–finding treasures


I treated myself to some DVDs lately. This one is so great, not only because of Schubert’s exciting score and the exquisite playing, but for the fact that it’s performed by five soloists working together. They were all at the beginnings of their careers here, and would rise to the top in their fields. I interacted with both Perlman and Zuckerman when I was at Juilliard. I just adore Du Pre’s playing, as well as Barenboim’s. Of course, they’re all spectacular!

Carol’s Intermittent Musings–the great pause


Waiting for my author’s copies to arrive in the mail. The days right before book-in-hand is familiar yet unsettling. It’s a little like waiting backstage before playing to a packed house, but without the need to create on the spot, “live” (as it’s now called). But in the case of the manuscript, the wait backstage goes on for days. No, it’s more like anticipating the arrival of green tips pushing through soil after winter’s end. Yeah, that’s pretty close. The wait feels as long as winter.

Carol’s Intermittent Musings–the empty hall


“Few things in life are as stirring as being in an empty hall that’s waiting to be filled with music.” –Carol Rich from Life in Miniatures: a view from the piano bench.

Carol’s Intermittent Musings–It’s draft day!


Holding the draft of my memoir, Life in Miniatures: a view from the piano bench, makes my heart flutter. Dare I celebrate?

Carol’s Intermittent Musings–proof of the little creature within


The joyful little creature in my chest is stirring–just a few more days until I’m holding a proof copy of my soon-to-be-released memoir, Life in Miniatures: a view from the piano bench.

Carol’s Intermittent Musings–the open ocean


Today I’m dipping my toe into the ocean. Casually saying “hello” to the world populated by book- music- nature- and solitude-lovers. I know you’re out there!