Life in Miniatures: a view from the piano bench begins with a black and white photo of 3-year-old Carol Rich at the piano. She’s wearing a frilly dress and Buster Browns, and her legs dangle, nonchalantly crossed at the ankle. Her tiny, splayed fingers are frozen in a moment of uninhibited joy. Her face already portrays the fierce concentration of a dedicated musician. The photographer, Carol’s father and guiding light of her childhood, was her four-hand partner for twelve years. Their nightly collaborations at the piano were an expression of their devotion to music and to one another. At other times, a profound silence surrounded them, creating a yearning of heart that shadowed Carol into adulthood. Despite growing up with a psychologically abusive mother and an emotionally distant, yet musically nurturing father; despite loss, fear and loneliness, and later, her adult brother’s suicide, Carol found solace in an internal life. Her quiet persona contrasted with her charismatic classmates at Juilliard, but given the influence of musical mentors, a rich musical heritage, and a profound love of nature, she achieved a highly successful musical career as a performer and teacher. Having spent life largely in the practice room or on stage, it was transformative to find refuge among the lesbian/gay community, and especially to find the woman who would become the love of her life.

Fiction/Time Travel

Untethered is the story of Anna Fogel who is unwittingly drawn back in time to mid-winter in 1861 Canada, where Hannah Fogel, her lookalike, has been kidnapped, or so it seems. After befriending Hannah’s siblings, Anna returns home where she finds a mysterious package from faraway Lofoten Island, Norway leaning against her cottage door—the contents of which Anna first saw in the possession of Hannah’s sister. With the help of an enigmatic dream therapist, a guide from beyond, and her own sister, Anna uses the golden orb, an ancient catalyst for time travelers, to attempt to solve the mystery of Hannah’s disappearance. Follow Anna’s journeys from 2009 New England to 1861 Quebec, and to Norway’s majestic fjords, as she discovers the true nature of the golden orb, and of her own powerful abilities.